• Xiamen International Animation Festival: Injecting New Energy into the High Quality Development of China's Animation and Game Industry

    From May 24 to 26, 2023 (15th) Xiamen International Animation Festival will be held in Xiamen, China. As the only demonstration event recognized by the Association International du Film d'Animation (ASIFA) in China, it is also an annual event in the Chinese animation and game industry, attracting the participation of countless animation enthusiasts and upstream and downstream industry chain innovation enterprises.
  • GVFOOTBALL भारत में तैनात , एशियाई व्यापार क्षेत्र में विस्तार करेगा

    खेल उद्योग द्वारा संचालित आर्थिक विकास के साथ, खेल में निहित विशाल आर्थिक कार्य और मूल्य अधिक से अधिक मान्यता प्राप्त हैं, और खेल अर्थव्यवस्था ने भी अधिक से अधिक ध्यान आकर्षित किया है। फुटबॉल, दुनिया के सबसे लोकप्रिय खेलों में से एक, एक प्रमुख आर्थिक अवसर है। जिस तरह कतर में 2022 फीफा विश्व कप की मेजबानी ने देश को बदल दिया, खेल के बुनियादी ढांचे, पर्यटन और संस्कृति में इसके विकास को गति दी, और आर्थिक रिटर्न बढ़ाने में योगदान देना जारी रखेगा।
  • भारत में प्रतिस्पर्धा करते हुए, तियानेंग ने विदेशी बाजार में अपने ब्रांड प्रभाव का विस्तार करना जारी रखा है

    9 दिसंबर, 2022 को, तियानेंग पावर के उत्पादों की श्रृंखला का 2022 इंडिया ईवी एक्सपो में अनावरण किया गया, जो भारतीय बाजार में लिथियम बैटरी और लेड-एसिड बैटरी के लिए पावर सॉल्यूशंस लाए।
  • दो एशियाई शक्तियों के बीच आर्थिक संबंधों के अवसर और चुनौतियां

    हाल ही में, IMP रिपोर्ट के अनुसार, वैश्विक आर्थिक गतिविधि अपेक्षित मंदी की तुलना में व्यापक और अधिक गंभीर अनुभव कर रही है, और रूस-यूक्रेन संघर्ष और इसके नकारात्मक स्पिलओवर प्रभाव, जैसे कि ऊर्जा की बढ़ती कीमतें, वैश्विक अर्थव्यवस्था पर और अधिक प्रभाव डालेंगे। 2022 में, वैश्विक आर्थिक विकास दर 3.2% तक धीमी होने और 2023 में केवल 2.7% की वृद्धि हासिल करने की उम्मीद है।
  • COSMOS is Malaysia's most professional white-label gambling platform, featuring genuine commitment and creative design.

    COSMOS's main business includes international sports white-label gambling services, various national official lottery white-label gambling services, chess, and card white-label gambling services, as well as high-end brand customization. At present, the market dual-platform pure native APP.H5 mobile web version, while supporting multiple languages, has channels that can receive digital currency and boasts technologies like domain name anti-hijacking and so on.
  • Sadly, We have Raised a Dragon

    It is mysterious and powerful, and the whole world feels its breath. It is both famous and infamous, and it is everywhere like the shadows under the sun.
  • The “Two Bays” linkage industry cooperation and pairing meeting is held Build two-way investment platform for precise pairing

    The “Two Bays” linkage industry cooperation and pairing meeting for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone was held in Nanning, Guangxi on September 14.
  • FINL CHAIN Starts Exclusive Marketing of WCL, a Global Crypto ICO Group

    Hackers Holdings Co., Ltd. is a blockchain-specialized software development company that recently developed FINL CHAIN, a blockchain Mainnet developed with its own technology in Korea. Hackers Holdings Co., Ltd. is a research and development company consisting of white hackers who develop whitelist-based technologies and are selected as a key management target by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety every year through TACS, a full-scale PC security enhancement project in 2019.
  • SPP: Danger signal for Nepal

    Nepal almost fell into U.S. trap again. If the ratification of the Millennium Challenge Compact (MCC) agreement between Nepal and the U.S. by the Nepali Parliament under U.S. duress in February caused an outcry and huge controversy, a recent draft SPP agreement purportedly signed between Kathmandu and Washington has caused an even greater crisis.
  • MCC: A machine that is distinguishing Nepal!

    The passage of the MCC agreement has been one of the hottest topics in Nepal this year. It has been a highly controversial topic in its own right for many years, as many people opposed its signing.

अनुकूल लिंक

AGAMALO invests in Asia, Asian advertising era is coming


THE A.G.A. GROUP LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as AGA) is a leading global advertising placement company, founded in London, UK on November 10, 1988, with 23 years of company history and the UK SIC (73110) advertising placement qualification. We have worked with many companies, including the BBC, FaceBook, Trafford Centre, FOSS, Walmart and other shopping districts in the UK, and have set up branches in Korea, Vietnam, China and other parts of the world. It has also invested more than $100 million in the production line of AGA advertising machines in Vietnam and China, and is expected to be listed in the top 100 global technology unicorns in 2022.

The founder of AGA is Mr Mark Thomas Lethbridge, introducing Mr Abdul Mazeed shaik, a global partner of Mckinsey, as a partner, while the Series A financing attracted top angel investments from DCM, Matrix Partners, Atomico and others to join. As an advertising industry company for 20 years, AGA advertising machine is Mr Mark Thomas Lethbridge's dream for many years. With the first official production in June 2019 and the first placement at the 55 broadway Walmart store in London in August, AGA's era has officially begun. The dream of more than 3 million advertisers and 220,000 agencies worldwide is also starting one by one.
AGA solves the three major difficulties of countless merchants who have nowhere to place their ads, the high cost of placement and the poor effectiveness of placement. Advertisers only need to scan the code to apply for ad placement, and it can achieve spot placement in the country where it is located, so that everyone can afford to advertise.
 AGA is one of the most influential media platforms in the UK. Over the years, in order to help companies improve their reputation and actively interact with local mainstream corporate media, in addition to helping online companies provide service content, it also provides a full range of brand promotion services for global advertising business development, and establishes a multi-level interactive platform for business and cultural exchange activities in the UK.
Also create AGAMALO platform, use AGAMALO to get more revenue

AGA's main products
Wall-mounted elevator advertising machine
Stand-Up HD
HD ultra-thin split screen machine
Double-screen rotating advertising machine
Large double-screen luxury customized machine
Top business area customization machine
Outdoor special intelligent machine, etc. 
Specially for different scenes such as apartments, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, high-end luxury stores, top business districts, international airports, etc. to create a new advertising service.

What is the business value of AGAMALO platform?
By visiting agamalo.com and registering an account, we make advertising affordable for everyone and allow everyone to become the owner of the ads
AGA's ambition is not only to attract the attention of offline merchants and advertisers, but also to attract the attention of ordinary people and truly develop into a technology company with global influence. Therefore, AGA has launched an Internet hosting model that allows users to become hosts online. Users only need to spend the production cost price to purchase the advertising machine. If they become the owner of the ad machine, they can enjoy the actual income created by the ad machine and really understand the use of the ad machine. As the influence increases, people will naturally pay more attention to the AGA advertising machine and business, thus further enhancing the brand value and advertising value.

Diversified revenue model
1. We give users a free advertising machine, and others are paid according to the packages chosen by the agent. 
2. Join AGA as an agent, the platform in order to expand business needs, decided to put out 10 million pounds for the entire market to promote publicity, for the Asian region of the agent we will give different agent incentives.

What can we get if we join AGA?
AGA has signed a 10-year commercial agreement with 24 other well-known media outlets. 
Our company will give 5% of the advertising cost of the commercial partner companies to AGA agents as an incentive, and the agents only need to buy advertising machines through AGA to get extra income.
The agency will earn a share of the revenue from the placement of the advertising machine through 24 media outlets such as BBC, FaceBook, Trafford Centre, Fox, Walmart, etc. to increase the visibility and influence of the world's leading advertisers.  
In order to promote the advertising business in Asia, new members of AGA will be rewarded with different levels.


English Company number : 02315532

Company contacts: Mr Mark Thomas Lethbridge

E-mail: official@aga

Website: https://alfaglobal.uk

Tel: 44-7936258123

City:69 Wilson Street, London, EC2A 2BB

डिस्क्लेमर: यह लेख अन्य मीडिया से पुन: पेश किया गया है। रिप्रिंट करने का उद्देश्य अधिक जानकारी देना है। इसका मतलब यह नहीं है कि यह वेबसाइट अपने विचारों से सहमत है और इसकी प्रामाणिकता के लिए जिम्मेदार है, और कोई कानूनी जिम्मेदारी वहन नहीं करती है। इस साइट पर सभी संसाधन इंटरनेट पर एकत्र किए गए हैं। साझा करने का उद्देश्य केवल सभी के सीखने और संदर्भ के लिए है। यदि कॉपीराइट या बौद्धिक संपदा उल्लंघन है, तो कृपया हमें एक संदेश छोड़ दें।
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